Our First Glamping Experience

After living in Virginia for the past 3 years, I finally convinced my husband to try camping. Now this was not an easy feat because roughing it isn't exactly our style or in our comfort zone. However, I was confident that my skills as a homemaker and the fact that I was a designer by trade and a self-proclaimed fabulous hostess would make our camp experience special and comfortable.

I came across a 5 person tent in my local Goodwill for $8! What a steal! I really had no idea how huge this tent was when I bought it. However, once we assembled it in our garage to test it out we realized how spacious and comfortable it would be. This started to turn the wheels in my husband's head and I could see a glimmer of hope. I quickly jumped into action and started bringing things into the tent like our inflatable mattress and a the boy's old crib mattresses. It actually started coming together quite easily and my husband was started to show excitement about the possibility of taking this camping idea for a test run. The fact that the boys were thrilled and played inside of the tent for next few hours and days sealed the deal. So off to planning our first trip I went. I had the green light and I was going to make sure I didn't miss out on this window of glamping opportunity.

Our first family camping trip was in North Carolina at Kerr Lake. I made sure our sites were waterfront so we could have an amazing view of the lake during our stay. I may have gone a bit overboard when it came to our packing which included at least 8 throw pillows but that's what it takes to go Glamping. You can't pack lightly if you want to go camping with style.

Here is the list of things that made our camping trip into a Glamping trip!

The Campsite Setup:

We were able to set up the whole campsite in a little over an hour.

First, we started with unloading everything from the back of our Ford F150 so we had access to all our supplies. I had two tubs that contained all the smaller items that would make up our cooking supplies, table cloths and lights plus some fun accessories, of course.

1. Set up the tent and start laying out all the ground covering for insulation. I had area rugs and packing blankets to keep our beds warm and create a barrier between the mattresses and the cold gravel.

2. Inflate the mattress and dress the beds with sheets and bedspreads or sleeping sacks. Add things like throw pillows and blankets to you beds. If you have a small folding table, add that next to your bed to set a lantern, a drink or your book at arm's length.

3. Move on to the outside. Lay down another outdoor area rug where you will be creating your seating arrangement. This will give you a softer ground covering near your fire. I was lucky enough to find some cut logs to use as our "side tables" between our chairs.

4. Set up your kitchen table by placing a tablecloth that can be wiped down over a folding table. This table will be where you set up your portable grill, gas stove or hot plate. Add things like cutting board, cooking utensils, spices and knives.

I like to place my cooler and dry food storage bin under the folding table to keep everything in one spot. The table cloth I used was long enough to hide to cooler and bins underneath. I also made sure to set up the prep table near the provided lamp post for my lantern to provide light while I cooked.

5. A picnic table is normally provided at all your campsites. I like to dress up our table with a colorful tablecloth, fresh or faux flowers, plastic dishes, citronella candles and placemats. I found this colorful tablecloth at Walmart by Better Homes and Garden. I Bought the plastic plates at Big Lots and the yellow candle holders at Target.

6. Try and set up your lighting before it gets dark. I like to hang twinkly lights, a small lamp and solar powered lawn lights that create a path to the doorway of my tent. If you don't have electricity, make sure to have battery powered lights, solar lights and plenty of candles. I also like to make sure everyone has their own flashlights that I found for $1 at Walmart and a few headlamps. The boys love to go exploring with them around the site.

7. Lastly, I like to set up my bluetooth speaker connected to my MP3 player since Wifi and cell phone signal is probably too weak to stream music. I make sure to create a playlist before our trip using AMAZON PRIME MUSIC and I download it to have access offline. My playlist definitely helps set the tone for the atmosphere at our camp. You can bring more fun things like board games, inflatable paddle boat, fishing poles, and even a hammock to pass the time. My boys love to bring their scooters that are super portable and don't take too much space. They love d exploring the nearby campsites and test out the hills.

After you are done setting up your glamorous campsite, set back and relax! Pour yourself a glass of wine, cut up some charcuteries and fancy cheese and enjoy the view!


Here are some highlights from our trip. What amazing memories we made.

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