Getting Made Up in Style

I have, for as long as I can remember, been a girlie girl and have always loved makeup.

It probably started as I watched my older sister every day sitting at her desk putting on makeup using a tri-fold lit up vanity mirror. I remember that I couldn't wait to have one of my very own.

And I did. Not only did I get my own Lighted Tri-fold Mirror but I also received my first complete set of makeup for my 15s.

I too had a desk in my bedroom but this desk was never meant, in my mind, for doing homework. This desk was going to be the home of my future makeup vanity. And so it was. I sat there for hours experimenting and trying new looks. I pulled tear sheets out of magazines that were handed down from my older female relatives and I scoured them for the latest trends. I practiced days in advance how I would apply my makeup for a big day, like the 1st day of school, or Homecomings and Proms, to make sure it looked perfect. And I did all of this from my little desk in my room and my tri-fold vanity mirror.

Have things changed? Absolutely not. My love affair with makeup continues. I now scour Pinterest boards for the latest makeup trends and tips. I still believe that every woman should have a beautiful space where she can leisurely sit and apply her makeup surrounded with lovely things like flowers and trays that keep all her perfumes and makeup tools organized and within reach. I made sure to find a perfect spot in our small bedroom that I can fit my little vanity and keep all my treasured makeup organized.

I found a vintage carved wood mirror on Craigslist that I primed and painted bright white. I repurposed an old console table that sat in our entryway by adding new knobs and putting trays in the drawers to keep all my lipsticks and eyeshadows organized. I found a pretty fabric with Parisian inspired illustrations and script to make a seat cushion for our old office chair. Lastly, I added simple touches like glass jars with glass pebbles for my brushes, a mirror, a lamp and a vase white roses to finish the table top. Simple yet functional and it didn't break the bank.

The key elements that you will need:

  • Containers or trays to keep your tools organized,

  • Plenty of drawers, comfortable seating,

  • Near an outlet

  • Mirror

  • If you can position your vanity near a window, that would be ideal if not good lighting is essential.

Here are a few of my favorite vanities that are simple yet glamourous and very functional. Some of these use a dressing table from IKEA called MALM Dressing table, white priced at $149.00

Another option is to find to nightstands or drawer towers that you can lay a desktop over them like glass or laminate.

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