Create a Simple Home Gym

I am so excited about my new and improved family room!

The dumbbell situation was getting out of control so I repurposed a bookcase to organize our gym equipment. The bookcase was located on the opposite side of the room and was filled with the boys reading books that I relocated to their rooms. My simply adding some cork placemats to protect the finish of the bookcase, I was able to have a safe area to place my weight set.

Ever since I started dedicating my time to working out at home, I started to research better ways to store all my equipment in an organized and attractive way. These gyms I selected have great storage ideas to transform either a small corner in your living room to an entire space in your garage to a welcoming fitness area perfect for getting your sweat on!

Try and think of different solutions to organize a spot in your house you spend time regularly in to personalize it and make it special. Working out from home is convenient and will save you money in the long term. Having all the tools you need easily accessible like water bottles, towels, your tv from streaming your workouts and a spot for your dumbells and resistance bands will allow you to look forward to execising in your new space.

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My Journey of Discovery
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As I watched my body change slowly from Spring to Summer for the worst last year, I felt powerless. I kept indulging, making bad and unhealthy choices but that was just part of the vicious cycle. The softer, flabbier and more lbs I put on, the more depressed I got, and the worse I treated my body.

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