Creating an Easter Tablescape

Easter is right around the corner!

Get ready for your Easter gathering by setting up the perfect table for your Easter Dinner. I like to gather as many things as I can around the house and incorporate simple crafts to add to my decorations.

For my tablescape, I gathered elements that I found around the house. For example, I added silver candle holders, a faux flower arrangement of yellow rose, a wooden plank I painted with chalkboard pain, plastic eggs from last Easter, branches from the yard I spraypainted silver.

To finalize the decorations, I added moss from a hobby store and the boys and I cut out colorful eggs from construction paper that they decorated with Easter stickers and markers.

I will complete the table with white square plate, yellow napkins and silverware.

Check out these other tables to inspire your very own unique Easter Table. These beautiful tablescapes range rom Rustic touches to elegant China and fresh flowers, of course. Don't forget to include a bright and happy color palette.

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My Journey of Discovery
and Weight Loss

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As I watched my body change slowly from Spring to Summer for the worst last year, I felt powerless. I kept indulging, making bad and unhealthy choices but that was just part of the vicious cycle. The softer, flabbier and more lbs I put on, the more depressed I got, and the worse I treated my body.

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