And so it begins...

My writing has been contained for the most part to private journals filled with passionate scribbles and random thoughts that needed a place to land. In these journals, of which I have many stored away in random places, I poured out my heart, my dreams, my fears and my triumphs. So many thoughts, so many ideas, laid to rest and forever forgotten held captive in these bound pages. They will probably never be read nor will the lessons I learned give wisdom to others.

Because of this, I begin a new chapter in my life. I will open myself up to those that seek my advice, my lessons learned, my words of encouragement, my insight on the things that matter most in life and hope that in doing so, I can help those that feel lost, those that need purpose and inspiration. It is my hope that I can introduce beauty and adventure day by day into the lives of those seeking out a happier more content existence and a life of self-exploration and satisfaction. I welcome you to enter my World a few thoughts at a time. The subject matters will be meant to inspire, empower and motivate you to expand your reality and push your boundaries a little each day through beauty, personal development, fitness, nourishment and most importantly love. Love for your career, love for life, love for family and love for yourself above all else.

My Journey of Discovery
and Weight Loss

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As I watched my body change slowly from Spring to Summer for the worst last year, I felt powerless. I kept indulging, making bad and unhealthy choices but that was just part of the vicious cycle. The softer, flabbier and more lbs I put on, the more depressed I got, and the worse I treated my body.

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