A Day in the Life of a Fit Mom of 2

Alarm rings...it's 6:45am, I hit snooze....Just a few minutes more please. I am not ready yet! I need more time before I begin a full day of running around being a chauffeur, cook, caregiver, happy homemaker, teacher, and a loving supportive Coastie wife. I need to gather my thoughts and set my plan of attack before pulling my covers back.

Once my feet finally hit the ground, the race begins. I pick out clothes for myself that won't make me look too much like a homeless person and dress quickly. I need to wake my 2 boys, 3 & 5, from their slumber. This task can go smoothly or stressfully. It's always a crapshoot. Some days there are tears and tantrums and other days, I magically say the right things that motivate them to stand erect and cooperate with me while I undress and dress them. They begrudgingly make their way downstairs and after a quick breakfast for them that they never quite finish and a scoop of Shakeology for me blended with my favorite add-ons like greek yogurt and banana, we make it downstairs and out to the garage all before 8am.

School drop off has become easier the longer we've been doing it and once Jacob, my 5 year is settled in his class, I can focus my attention on my 3 year old. He is super active and requires lots of attention but also is capable to play independently when I need to get some work done.

But before we can get to playing or get some work done, I get in my 30min workout at home by pushing play and sweating to the latest program Beachbody has to offer. Dylan loves to join his momma or plays near me for those 30 minutes. Then it's done and out of the way. On the days I make sure to fit it my workouts, I feel so much better, actually have more energy and feel good knowing I accomplished something positive for me even if the rest of my day is dedicated to my family.

I like to eat a 2nd Breakfast before I pick up my Preschooler midday because I know once I have both boys the chaos begins. Once we get home, my time is spent preparing the boys lunch and making sure they eat it. Both are picky eaters so making sure they consume a balanced diet is always a challenge but one we've figured out. After they eat, then I can eat my own lunch around 1p.

Our afternoons our spent doing activities together for about an hour that involves either playing outdoors or an interactive fun activity like watercoloring or puzzles indoors. By 3p, both boys need time to relax and I can get dedicate time to work on my business. But first, we all get a snack. The few hours that they spend playing on their tablet or watching their favorite movie allows me time to catch up on my customers, do some personal development and post on social media and my blog.

As the day wraps up and we hear my husband walk through the door, I start to prepare dinner for us and my husband gets to spend some time with the boys. Cooking for me is therapeutic and it allows me to get my creative juices flowing too. Since we both are eating cleaner and cooking with healthy fresh ingredients, my recipes have gotten more creative and well rounded to eat a balanced diet.

I believe the nutrition part of all the changes we've made has made the most difference in our overall health and our appearance. Being active daily has increased our energy greatly which is important when keeping up with 2 active boys. We are setting an example that we hope will carry through into their lifestyles and creating healthy habits that will benefit us all. The changes were simple but the long term effects will be tremendous.

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As I watched my body change slowly from Spring to Summer for the worst last year, I felt powerless. I kept indulging, making bad and unhealthy choices but that was just part of the vicious cycle. The softer, flabbier and more lbs I put on, the more depressed I got, and the worse I treated my body.

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