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I absolutely love food ...

and although I love to cook, I can understand how hard it can be to stick to a healthy diet and meal plan when cooking is not your strong suit. That is why I love scouring the internet for simple, easy but healthy recipes that my clients can make without being wizards in the kitchen. So whether you are an amateur chef or a novice, please visit my 21 Day Fix Approved Pinterest Board to find recipes for clean eating and a healthier you. 

Another important factor in keeping on track with nutrition plan is to  MEAL PREP.  This means that you cook most of the meals that you will be eating ahead of time so you can easily have your meals planned out for the week and not be tempted to deviate from your plan. I use a PORTION CONTROL COLOR CONTAINER system by Beachbody that keeps things simple without having to do things like count calories or weigh my food. I use these containers to measure out my portions of carbs, protein, fruits and veggies. There is even a container for good fats like avocado and cheese or oils. With these containers, I am guaranteed a balanced, healthy, guilt-free  meal every time.